Our projects and missions

Our projects are to provide support and effective help to each member to define their own needs in order to regain self-esteem, self-assertion and well-being, to restore their self-image and to define their own life goals in order to be able to lose weight gradually in a realistic and sustainable way. We offer a mindful, cognitive-behavioural and bio-psycho-sensory approach:

  • Treat cognitive restriction, that is to say, learning to eat according to your sensations, all foods, without guilt,
  • Recognize emotional suffering while increasing tolerance to emotional discomfort in order to cope with impulsive eating,
  • Work on self-acceptance, self-esteem and assertiveness.

Managing our emotions leads us to well-being. Welcoming your emotions, accepting that unpleasant thoughts can run through your mind, without struggling, without seeking to take control with food, that is the secret. This is the way to mindful eating.

Our missions are:

  • to fight stigma, discrimination in all its forms and fatphobia
  • to get accepted the stigmatization of people suffering from obesity as an offense under the law
  • to improve the management of obesity
  • to contribute to the recognition of obesity as a disease, both at the political and the health insurance level
  • to ensure that multidisciplinary programs that treat adults suffering from obesity are administered, covered and finally reimbursed
  • we also offer free therapeutic education workshops for our members, both in terms of eating behaviour, feeling of hunger and satiety, pleasure of eating, emotional eating, mindful eating…) adapted physical education provided by specialists from the Institute of Sport Sciences of the University of Lausanne, the body in all shapes and forms, full body awareness, Sophro-Bio-Dynamic relaxation courses, autogenic training (Schulz), meditative techniques, hypnosis or the Feldenkrais method… psychological aspects (dealing with stigma and its consequences on the health of those who endure it, on self-image, self-esteem, eating disorders, my life journey, and now ? ..)

“The body must be considered as a collaborator in healing, not as an obstacle to well-being” as L. Gamba says.