Committee presentation

Dominique Durrer - President

General Internal Medicine FMH CAS in human nutrition, specialized in the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes, cognitive-behavioral approach
President of Eurobesitas Switzerland
President of the Swiss Association for the Study of Metabolism and Obesity (ASEMO)
Founder of EUROBESITAS Switzerland since 1994. She is also a member of theEuropean Association for Patients suffering from Obesity (ECPO), umbrella association of European Associations of Obesity Patients since 2014.

Prof. Yves Schutz

Professor of physiology, specializing in obesity, nutrition and physical activity, physiologist, lecturer, Institute of Physiology, Faculty of Biology and Medicine, University of Fribourg. He is our scientific advisor.

Alfons Amrhein - Treasurer



Kristin Aubort

Journalist PR

Zoé Cherbuin

Committee member

Elsa Ruffieux

Committee member

Magali Volery

Psychologist FSP graduate in cognitive and behavioral therapies

Céline Gremaud

Committee member

Marilyne Albertini

Psychologist invested in obesity and nutrition problems. She is also a patient with a long experience of this disease.

Claudine Perroud

Committee member

Marie-Olive Duplan

Committee member

Patricia Morato

Committee member