The President’s foreword

Why create another association concerned with overweight, obesity and eating disorders ?

Obesity is considered a real epidemic, affecting between 10% and 25% of Europeans depending on the country (around 10% in Switzerland and France). But in our society based on appearance, the individual is very often overlooked. Besides the medical aspect, the individual who suffers from obesity suffers from a generally very real feeling of exclusion and discrimination. In this situation, how can we accept a body image that is in total contradiction with current symbols offemininity, where models resemble emaciated patients suffering from malnutrition rather than canons of beauty. However, accepting yourself remains an essential step in initiating weight loss: reclaiming your own body in order to modify it. Give yourself time for slow and gradual change in a world where everything goes so fast, our society of “everything NOW”. This approach requires personal work: it is slow, strewn with pitfalls and discouraging moments. Eurobesitas offers to help you on your path of change, to find your own solutions, it gives you the opportunity to express yourself through its Letter, and through meetings with specialists. Our goal: to allow you to achieve well-being and above all to find yourself again, not to mention a loss of weight which, most of the time, accompanies this process. This is why Eurobesitas wants to be Yours. By joining the Association, you become an essential player! You reinforce your own approach according to the adage that unity makes strength !

Dominique Durrer, Founder and President.